Reusable, Breathable, 100% Cotton Face Coverings/Masks

Size - Medium - One Size - Female
Colour: Print

Reusable, breathable, 100% Cotton face coverings/masks, lovingly handmade in Ireland.
All fabric and materials used in these masks have been bought from small local Irish businesses.
They are made with 2 layers of 100% Cotton breathable fabric, with a round corded elastic that fits comfortably around your ears.

20% of the sale of every mask will be donated to the Irish Childrens Charity - Barnardos.

Masks can be handwashed in warm soapy water or machine washed at 40 degrees for your convenience.

All fabrics have been pre-shunk and washed proir to being made, it is advisable that you wash your mask again before wearing it for the first time.

Please note that these face coverings/masks are not medical grade PPE.

Due to the shortage of PPE worldwide it is advised that all available medical grade PPE should be used by frontline workers and not the general public.

These 100% cotton coverings will offer a level of protection for short periods when shopping, traveling on social transport Etc.
These coverings must be washed after use.

Given the nature of this product we are unable to accept returns.

Face Masks


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